Facebook Burglars?! You'd be surprised how they are finding...

So you're going on vacation, great!  You're telling everyone via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc..  That is the easiest way for a Burglar to stalk and track you and your family.  

Here is the easiest way for a burglar to find you and stalk you.  They create a fake profile, request to be friends (if you're account it locked), you accept, they follow you, vacation date rolls around, you leave, they come over and hangout for a while.  Pretty easy these days.

Now that is the easiest way for a burglar to figure out where you are and where you'll be.  There are a few more social media tactics that burglars are using that involve a little more technical know how.  Here they go:

You might have poked around with your social media images and have come to find that Facebook and a few other sites automatically gather your location, time, and camera/device type and post it to the image you just took.  


Posted on August 17, 2015 .